Essay on The Executive Officer Of A Communication Company

Essay on The Executive Officer Of A Communication Company

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Darren Entwistle, originating in Montreal, Quebec; the executive chairman, who used to be the president and the chief executive officer of a communication company - TELUS, is a successful and eminent Canadian businessman. He’s the person who turned a small telephone service company into a $25-billion national Mobile communication company and also helped it becomes one of the major Mobile communication companies, which is valued at $4.3 billion right now. “Joe is an exceptionally proven and highly capable leader” Entwistle said in a statement. He is currently stepping aside and assisting his successor Joe in corporation strategy and performance.

At the beginning, he spent seven years as an executive at the cable & wireless in UK, and was being named president in 1999. His next stage in career started from 2000, the year he joined TELUS as president and CEO and also known as one of the highlights of his career. Under his leadership, TELUS turn their annual revenue from $5.7 billion to $10.9 billion, almost doubled times of their revenue from last year. From then on, he reshaped TELUS into a national data and wireless leader. The inspiration stemming from his working experience lasted the length of his career. A big support of leadership and company, he is on many boards, including the Canadian Council of Chief Executive, George Weston Limited and the Canadian Board Diversity Council; TD Bank Financial Group, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and the Leading Edge Endowment Fund in finance areas. In addition, he also work as a Chairman of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Capital Campaign and he was one of the Director for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games bid committee. A successful leader means no limitation in his leadership, he ha...

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...hat works for all of his employee in his company if their job allows it, around 60% of TELUS’s employees are enabled to work at home and half of those do work remotely at least once a week, said Mark Lang, HR business partner at TELUS. This work-styles project seeks to enhance employee works comfort level, contribute to the best working environment, and reduce the company’s costs. Since this project carried out, it increased staffs’ satisfaction and made the engagement greater, reduced employee turnover as well. (MacLeod, 2009) It directly facilitated the teletrips’ mandate. This workstyle highly raised the employees working efficiency since they can determine where they want to work, and also the office space can be left to some people who are necessary to stay in company for work. It should be credit to Entwistle’s wisdom approving this program to run TELUS better.

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