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Executive Of Floating Design Shipbuilding Essay

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The following are two challenges that I would recommend that CEO of Floating Design Shipbuilding address is the perception of unfairness by the organization and the need for the diversification of benefit plans.
Perception of Unfairness
The data from the organization analysis on The Floating Design Shipbuilding demonstrates that the employees perceive that processes and procedures relating to the non-governmental employees have contributed to a culture of unfairness. Among the areas of unfairness, the employees cited includes: performance goals, performance evaluation and rewards, management favoritism, distribution of status and perks, and management’s selection and hiring practices.
As an I/O Psychologist a rational approach should be applied to bring awareness to and support The Floating Design Shipbuilding with changing the perceptions of “unfairness” by the non-nongovernment employees in the organization. This organizational challenge is described as organizational justice (injustice), which Cropanzana, Bowen, and Gilliland (2007) defines as “… personal evaluation about the ethical or moral standing of managerial conduct” (p. 34). Thus, the recommendation for this organizational challenge is for leadership to identify which behaviors and practices are not consistent with ethical and fair standards and champion and support the necessary changes.
Education of Leadership
This recommendation would be effective by first educating the leaders of the organization on the injustice’s impact and potential impact on the organization. First, the organizational leadership needs to look at how the organization’s moral or ethical standards align with creating an environment and behavioral practices moral or ethics of the ...

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...company 's wage structure and assessment the organization 's benefits plan and the employee’s benefit needs. A determination can then be made if adjustments or more self-selecting options can be made to the company’s compensation practices and offerings.
The noted recommendation would effective because it supports the organization pursuit of fairness and equity by ensuring that their pay rates are in alignment with other pay structures for like job classifications based on the geographical location of the job. Also, by addressing benefits based on individual needs the organization can try and meet some of the diverse benefit needs and not adhering to a monolithic philosophy of an individual’s needs. These recommendations are based on the reinforcement theory, needs theory, and equity theory that has all shown support workplace motivation (Mithcell & Daniels. 2003).

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