Essay about The Executive Media Director Of The Student Council

Essay about The Executive Media Director Of The Student Council

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In high school, I was the executive media director of the student council. I was responsible for advertising events, and I led any of the student council media committees. To advertise for events, I would create posters and put them up around the school. I was also responsible for making sure Student Council members appeared on our school 's announcement channel, Panther Vision. In addition, I was the Skills USA secretary, the photo editor of the yearbook, and I received the Certificate of Achievement from JA Careers with a Purpose through a leadership and career workshop in my Marketing class. After High school, I held a 3 month summer graphic design internship with 757 Media and participated in Design Like Mad 2016. Now, at Madison College, I 've joined the Clarion, AIGA, Skills USA, and I volunteer at DAIS.

After I had graduated high school, I was on the hunt for internships. I applied for a few, and ended up with 757 Media, an agency that creates advertising material and marketing support for their clients. I was responsible for reworking their website, as well as creating their new logo and slogan. When they took on another intern, I was given the task of holding meetings with her every other week to talk about projects and share ideas.

For the Clarion, I do page layout design as well as photography. Every other Friday and Monday I come in to the Clarion, and work on the arts and opinion section, spending hours working on the layout, finding pictures, and sometimes making illustrative graphics. I also take photos on campus, and around Madison to go with the Clarion 's articles. I took photos of an art exhibit at the downtown campus, at the UW Madison rally against sexual assault, and the Hurtz doughnut shop in Middleton to...

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... pieces for them.

Not only do I volunteer with DAIS, I also volunteered at "Design Like Mad" 2016. Design Like Mad is a nonprofit that hosts 12 hour design marathons for local nonprofits. We arrived at the Madison Public Library at 9am, and left at 9pm. They ask graphic designers to volunteer their time to make posters, logos, and websites for various nonprofits in only 12 hours. The teams of graphic designers met with their nonprofits to discuss with representatives from the nonprofits. My team, Chris, Maggie, and myself met with Jill, a representative from Operation Fresh Start. Jill 's nonprofit serves at-risk youth helping them decide on their career paths, teaching them new skills, and helping them with their resumes. Chris created infographics, Maggie created a mailer, and I designed three posters for Operation Fresh Start to put up to advertise their campaign.

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