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Essay on Executive Leadership

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Throughout history, I find that a common characteristic of successful businesses and organizations is the leadership skills and techniques of a person or persons. I believe leadership; today, has become less rigid in nature and in essence is becoming more flexible. This trend allows today’s leaders to apply a style of leadership that fits the person; and, or situation at that particular time. The more we learn about successful leaders it is clear that there are many differences in how they motivate people to complete missions and tasks under their guidance. Being almost fluid in nature, the style of leadership applied to complete a mission or task can have a definite impact on the outcome.
The main objective of a leader is to employ the correct leadership style that will allow him/her to influence and inspire others to willfully complete the mission to the best of their ability. This is why great military leader are successful in leading troops into battles that they may not survive. If our military leaders were to send troops into combat without great leadership, there would be more casualties and therefore, less people willing to voluntarily join our military. On a much safer scale, this also relates to business as well as life.
As business leader, parent, coach, etc… leadership is a trait that with all the right tools can encourage others to be successful in their jobs. It is the leader that must recognize each person and situation and then apply the best leadership style to motivate others to want to be successful.

Leadership means different things to different people. That is why, different styles of leadership appeal to different people. Some of the common traits of good leadership are consist...

... middle of paper ... that allowed you to understand his style of leadership, which is something to be admired. At a time of war, he was the calm. At a time of decision, he was the answer. He accepted responsibility in loses and gave credit to others during victories. He was also smart enough to surround himself with smart people and to delegate the tasks to them when appropriate.

Harari, O. (1996). Quotations from Chairman Powell: A Leadership Primer,

This article lists eighteen quotes from a speech given by General Colin Powell. The quotes reinforce straightforward thinking and leadership.

I found this article to be refreshing in a manner that it didn’t mince words. Once in a while we need to work through the political correctness and just tell it like it is. I felt this article did just that, while still addressing the importance of character in leadership.

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