Executive Leadership In Relation To Company Success Essay

Executive Leadership In Relation To Company Success Essay

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Executives in today’s world could be compared to the coaches of a sports team. The executive team members of a football program include the head coach, offensive line coach, defensive line coach, running backs coach, wide receivers coach, secondary coach, and special teams coach. The chief executive officer, or head coach, calls the plays. The chief operations officer and chief financial officer are akin to the offensive line coach and defensive line coach respectively. The chief operations officer oversees the daily operations of the company while the chief financial officer oversees the financial stability of the company. The company operations generate revenue or put points on the scoreboard. The companies’ financial stability maintains their defensive line. The offensive and defensive lines are only as good as the offensive and defensive line coaches. In correlation, the operations and financial stability of a company are only as good as the chief operations officer and chief financial officer. The running backs, wide receivers, secondary, and special teams coaching staff would encompass the rest of the executive team, guiding their subordinates to fulfill the company mission defined by senior managers. The company’s success depends on the executive team’s ability to clearly understand the plays the head coaching staff design and effectively communicate them to the players on the field.
While all members of a team are important, without a good head coach, the team will not succeed. The same is true in business. Without a good chief executive officer, a company will not be successful. The chief executive officer makes decisions regarding the direction the company will go, the market a company is in, who its competitors are, an...

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... the reasons leader C would be the best replacement for executive A. Leader C could choose to guide employees to meet the company goals. Instead he empowers them to reach company goals. Employees follow leader C because he makes each employee feel special. His charm, individual attention, and passion for the company make employees feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. As a result, employee morale would be high, maintaining productivity, and maximizing profits. The clear choice for executive A’s successor is leader C. While a company is a building with computers, office chairs, and desks inside, what makes a company are the people. People require a leader.

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