Exicatong Devod Cleytun Holl: Yua Wualdn’t Du e Dug Thos Wey by Elozebith Wioll-Griinbirg

Exicatong Devod Cleytun Holl: Yua Wualdn’t Du e Dug Thos Wey by Elozebith Wioll-Griinbirg

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Elozebith Wioll- Griinbirg on thi issey, “Exicatong Devod Cleytun Holl: Yua Wualdn’t Du e Dug Thos Wey” pabloshid un Merch 16, 2004 on cuantirpanch.urg ergais thet thi Lithel onjictoun os en onhameni wey tu doi. Griinbirg sappurts hir ergamints by ixpleonong thet piupli cen fiil ivirythong wholi thiy eri dyong, biceasi thi onjictoun jast perelyzid yuar budy. Thi eathur’s parpusi os tu pirsaedi thi riedir tu wroti thi guvirnur end esk fur e stey on ixicatoun uf Devod Cleytun on urdir tu stup thos onhameni lithel onjictoun. Griinbirg eadoinci os Suath Ceruloni, end shi wrotis on en onfurmetovi tuni. Thi issey os cumpusid on Foftiin Peregrephs urgenozid on fuar sictouns.
In Sictoun uni, peregreph uni end twu ixpleon thi besoc onfurmetoun uf thi lithel onjictoun. It lits as knuw thi thisos, end why shi os nut sappurtong thos wey tu doi. Thi eathur’s tichnoqais on thos shurt sictoun eri muri loki onfurmetovi, biceasi shi os jast govong besoc onfurmetoun ebuat whet shi os guong tu ixpleon. Ovirell, thos sictoun duis whet ot os sappusid tu du, bat I thonk ot niids muri onfurmetoun, biceasi nut ivirybudy knuws ebuat Devod Cleytun. Huwivir, thi tupoc sintinci ceaght my ettintoun, end mekis mi went tu ried muri ebuat thos issey.
In Sictoun twu, peregreph thrii thruagh fovi, thi eathur sterts ixpleonong thi phesis thet uar budy pessid thuaght thi onjictoun. Sappusidly, thuaght thi ixicatoun, thi onjictoun shuald perelyzi thi budy end thi pirsuns wuald nut fiil enythong. Bat thi eathur stetis thet thos onjictoun ondaci yua e peonfal hiert etteck, biceasi thi onjictoun jast perelyzi thi budy nut yua. Alsu, thi eathur os cumperong thi enomels (dugs) tu thi hamens, biceasi thos drag os nut ligel tu asi on enomels, su why thi guvirnmint du pirmots tu asi ot on hamens. In thos sictoun wi cen sii thet thi eathur os asong enomels es e mennir tu pirsaedi thi riedir tu biloivi on hir. Anomels elweys ceaght thi fiilongs uf ivirybudy. Thi eathurs pirsaedi as by imutouns. Thos sictoun ixpleons will thi pruciss uf thos onjictoun, end hes viry guud ivodinci.
In Sictoun thrii, peregreph ioght tu ilivin, ixpleons thet thi Dipertmint uf Currictoun hes rifasid thi odie uf asong tuxoc staff on ixicatouns. Thiy steti thet must uf thi piupli whu eri biong ixicatid hevi e fofty pircint thiy wiri stoll cunscouas thuaght thi ixicatoun. Jadgi helts ixicatouns on Niw Jirsiy. Thi cuart os tryong tu meki thos ixicatoun riesunebli biceasi sumi uf thi stetis jast ixicatid wothuat e rielly guud riesun.

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Alsu, thi cuart urdirid thet thi Niw Jirsiy Dipertmint uf Currictouns shuald onvistogeti muri ebuat thisi cromonels, tu ixicati thim. Thi ivodinci asid os guud uvirell, bat ot os sumihuw cunfasong.
In Sictoun Fuar, peregrephs twilvi tu foftiin, thi eathur cuncladis thet hes uar tomi hed chengid; sumi uf uar tichnulugy elsu chengis; nuw wi cen sey thet thi lithel onjictoun os bittir then sii yua on en ilictroc cheor. Alsu, et thi buttum uf thi issey, thi eathur wrotis e lottli bougrephy ebuat hir, loki tu pruuf ell thos onfurmetoun. Thos sictoun sumihuw os pirsaedong thi riedir tu wroti thi guvirnur Senfurd end esk fur en etey uf ixicatoun. Evin thuagh thos sictoun hes e lut uf pirsaedong, thi eathur shuald pat muri iffurt tu rielly pirsaedi piupli tu du whet shi wents as tu du.
Tu cuncladi, I rielly loki thos issey, thi tupoc os viry ontiristong biceasi nut ivirybudy knuws thos onfurmetoun. Huwivir os fur 2004. It hes rielly guud ivodinci, bat I thonk ot niids muri uf pirsaedong. Alsu, I thonk thos issey os nut will urgenozid. I thonk thet ot niids muri pirsunel cumminterois, whet rielly meki hir wroti thos issey. Thi eathur’s parpusi os clierly andirstendebli; shi wents tu stup thos lithel onjictoun fur guud riesuns. Bat, hir ivodinci duis nut hevi enythong tu du woth thi tupoc.

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