The Exciting Moments Of Career Job Essays

The Exciting Moments Of Career Job Essays

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Developing skills in order to become a successful person involves complicated steps, determination, and good interpretation. A career job continues to stay as an occupation a person remains in and continue to increase in the position level. There may be different certifications, degrees, or work experience needed for a specific career job. A career job should make a person feel excited for another work day. As an individual realizes the rest of their life, each person has different aspects to encounter. The exciting moments a career job offers encourages individuals to continue their education and research. Studying biology and criminal justice will set a foundation for becoming a forensic technician in the nearby future.
For the longest time, I have dreamed about becoming a forensic technician focused on DNA, fingerprinting, and blood spatter in big city crime labs. More populated areas provide more need for forensics due to a higher level of crime rate. The biology program at Hartwick College will provide the amazing scientific research skills needed for the forensic position. Realistically, I could find an entry position for forensics with a four-year bachelor’s degree. For example, forensic science technicians typically need at least a bachelor’s degree in a natural science, such as chemistry or biology, or in forensic science (Summary). Even though a bachelor’s degree can be suitable for forensics, I personally would like to attend graduate school to experience higher level skills and to become more prepared. Keeping a biology major expands what I would like to do in life. In case I change my mind about forensics for some reason, the biology degree can expand job opportunities because of being such a broad occupation. After...

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...k testing’s (Forensic Scientist Careers). Being on duty at all times to call will be a very important part of the job. Not only does forensic science require skill and interpretation, but dedication as well.
After studying biology for many years, I will pursue a career job in forensic science. Becoming a forensic technician has always been my dream job and I will push myself until I achieve my future goal. The steps and hard work to get to the job entry levels are competitive, but as long as I continue researching and interpreting the required skills I will become successful. The future includes biology as my main goal to acquire information through skills. Forensic technicians gain knowledge every day to solve crimes. A career job as a forensic technician makes my future surprising because of all the sciences involved and being able to provide justice for people.

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