Essay about The Excitement of Gaming Turned into an Addiction

Essay about The Excitement of Gaming Turned into an Addiction

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Change is the alteration which results in an important shift in the way we perceive and interact with the world. It is the process of being reformed in appearance or turned into something or someone new. The concept of change is very significant as it gives us new experiences whether positive or negative. Being the best student was something I never had to worry or wish for due to my devotions towards studies. It was the third time I got awarded as one of the best students in high school. My dad bought me a brand new play station 3 as a gift of acknowledgment towards my good performance in school. Video game became one of my favorite hobbies. I developed the interest in gaming and spent most of my time on it. It taught me some driving skills making it very easy in physical driving I spent approximately 8 hours on playing games every day. My reasoning abilities also got improved via puzzles and adventure games.
The excitement of gaming turned into addiction to the extent that I downloaded games on every device including my cell phone. It began affecting my life negatively in terms of academics, social, family and religious life. The ability to concentrate on studies was significantly reduced by the distractions. Although, I graduated high school with passes in all the subjects, it wasn’t what I expected. I could have done better If I had dedicated enough time on studies.
When I started college, as If I did learnt from my mistakes. I continued with gaming practice until I realized the impact it had on me. My academic performance changed drastically and started experiencing challenges. The more time I spent on playing games, the more I became cunctative. I started receiving low grades in various assignments. At times, I even forg...

... middle of paper ... me disorganized towards the next class. I used to have less sleep due to the time I spent playing games in the night. This always affected my subsequent days and sometimes drowsed in classs. During my week of change, preparation towards school and class was maximized. My grades in all assignment and courses started increasing. My daily schedule was followed subsequently without any interference

I always taught playing games as a way of staying exultant was irreplaceable. My week of change made me realized th
Although I will be difficult, I have decided to carry on with this change. The change brought me So many benefits that I taught was going to lose I never taught I could give up social media. I have realized that video games was an obstacle against my academics and social life, therefor I have decided to quit it and put forth my academics as my priority.

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