Excessive Stress On The Human Body And Mind Essay

Excessive Stress On The Human Body And Mind Essay

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Excessive Stress on the Human Body and Mind
Over the years, scientists have been focused on finding out why people become stressed and what side effects occur as a result of stress. Stress is something that most people get, and can be a very large burden for many people. There are countless numbers of students and workers who suffer from stress by overworking themselves. Many probably don 't know how much of a negative effect that stress has on their physical and mental states. There has been much research in the field of stress research within the past 50 years, with many new studies altering the way the medical field looks at mental stress. Stress has many negative effects on the human body both mentally and physically.
Stress is caused by changes to one 's physical or mental states, or their environment. The things that cause stress can be minor or major, but stress takes a huge toll on a person 's state. According to the Mayo Clinic, your brain releases hormones to fuel your capacity for responses to emergencies, and when you have a lot of changes occurring around you, your brain becomes stressed. The level of emergency in which these hormones are released changes depending on the person, but most people tend to stress about their work or major life changes. It is important to note that many cases of stress aren’t dangerous, as it can lead people to perform under pressure. Some stress can be helpful, as a little bit of stress often pushes people to get needed work done and gives them a boost of energy as a result of the release of extra hormones. Quite often, stress over a longer amount of time that a person is used to will push a person out of their comfort zone and cause mental and physical damages. An excessive amount o...

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...tion is to tighten up its muscles, which over a long period of time can cause wear and tear to your muscular system. A person suffering from chronic stress will also experience major changes to their reproductive system. Males suffering from excessive stress will likely suffer see issues relating to testosterone production, blood pressure, sperm production, and even erectile disfunction. For female patients, a typical related effect of stress includes inconsistent menstruation and a lack of sexual desire (APA).
All of these problems are a result of excessive amounts of stress on the body. A large amount of people suffer from chronic stress, which is why it is a major issue in the psychological field. Excessive stress has so many negative effects on the human body and mind, all caused by a reaction that the brain creates to respond to a change in one 's environment.

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