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Excellent Students Excell Essay

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Students who excel in class and are successful throughout life have something in common which is much more important than accreditations and high test scores. Through the use of analytical, practical and creative thinking skills they are able to face life’s greatest challenges. Every educational institution has good and bad students, so in order to boost your chance at success you need to surround yourself with the good students. Noticing patterns can help you see the differences between students, for example; the students who show up late everyday, those who never take notes, those who always procrastinate and those who never contribute anything when they are in groups.
You can almost set your watch for the intentionally late students who interrupt lectures or presentations. The worst part is once they are in the classroom they are never paying attention and constantly looking down texting other people. As you are trying to take notes these students and always asking you for answers and you can’t pay attention to the lecture. Telling them to pay attention can get you in trouble a...

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