Examples Of The Reality In The Truman Show Essay

Examples Of The Reality In The Truman Show Essay

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Truman Show VS. Reality
The film “The Truman Show”, centers on the life of Truman Burbank, an insurance salesman, who unknowingly is the star of the most popular live show in television history. At birth, Truman is legally adopted by a major television network to be the unknowing star of a live television series, that follows his 24 hour everyday, since he was born, that is watched by an audience of millions all around the world, through a mass amount of hidden cameras. Christof, the main figure behind the concept of the Truman Show, constructs an artificial world, called Seahaven, around Truman, but in reality is just an extremely large television set. Unbeknownst to Truman, everyone around him is an actor except for Truman himself. Truman is the only “authentic” person in this artificial world, his mother, father, childhood friend, and wife are paid actors. Christof is controlling Truman’s mind and happiness, by removing his true love, Sylvia, when she tried to reveal the truth, and making his life fake. The television network is on a continual mission to keep Truman in ignorance of his situation through the manipulation of his environment for his entire life, however, the film follows Truman’s eventual realization of the true nature of his reality and his mission to escape from his fake world. Throughout the film, the plot takes a jab a philosophical issues such as, curiosity about the world, what is reality? What makes a self a self? If Truman lived in the real world, what would be his true self? Through a series of conversations between Truman and Christof, some questions of the self arise. Truman states “Who am I? After asking Christof who he is, Truman ask, “Was nothing real?”, Christof answers, “You were real... that's wh...

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...d go far away but each time he tries to get beyond the town he lives in he is prevented, therefore he does not have physical freedoom
In order to understand the world around us, we must question it, and “The Truman Show” raises many questions about the self, knowledge, and reality. Truman starts to explore his natural human instincts and desires, and through that he goes through doubt and skepticism. I believe in Christof statement, “We accept the reality of the world in which we are presented”, because in that scenario you wouldn’t know any better, if your shown to only one thing you will believe in the one thing. I believe to escape that reality we must doubt and question what is really real. It can be argued that The Truman Show helps display that through not taking everything at face value and investigating the world around oneself, one can discover what is real.

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