Example Of Organizational Decision Making Essay

Example Of Organizational Decision Making Essay

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Example: Organizational Decision Making Perspective
An example of organizational decision making we have covered in class was a past email exercise earlier in the lesson. For the assignment, I was responsible for developing satisficing criteria for a purchase of a vehicle on behalf of an organization I was a part of -- the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government Marketing Department. The Marketing Department is responsible for representing the School of Government at conferences across the state by distributing marketing materials. The criteria I applied to my vehicle search for this assignment were as follows: used but made in the past decade, fuel efficient, and large enough to hold two people comfortably and all necessary marketing materials.

Re-Evaluation: The GCT Theorist Perspective
If I were to apply the GCT perspective, the decision of purchasing a vehicle would be largely different from the past theories we have studied. According to the class notes, the GCT perspective claims that a “single problem may provoke numerous decisions that don’t have much to do with each other.” Rather than just finding solutions to finding a vehicle that would be the best fit for my organization, as I did in the past, the GCT perspective would lead me to backtrack and try to solve the larger problem of finding adequate transportation. For example, getting a discounted group membership to a railroad or rental car service would be an alternate solution to purchasing a vehicle. Similarly, starting a fund through the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government that would be used to reimburse Marketing Department employees’ travel costs when using their personal car would also be an alternate solution to purchasing a vehicle.

A large component GC...

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...a plethora of forces affect one’s decision making processes. For example, thinking of alternate solutions to securing reliable transportation for the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government Marketing Department is a much more robust way of problem solving than just limiting ideas to just vehicle criteria. Similarly, I feel that resolution, flight, and oversight is extremely relevant to many decision making processes and have seen it occur in my personal life. Since organizational decision making oftentimes includes a number of people, all with their own opinions and values, consensus may not always happen. If an organizational decision making process can essentially be done by one person, people with power will often utilize it. The idea of the Marketing Department Director making an executive decision to using funding to purchase software is a very realistic one.

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