Example of a Request for Proposal: Understanding Communication in Colorado Asian Communities

Example of a Request for Proposal: Understanding Communication in Colorado Asian Communities

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Research study to understand communication
in Colorado Asian communities

Request for Proposal

Table of content
Purpose of the RFP 2
Objectives 2
Background and current status 3
Audience 3
Timeline 4
Budget 4
Evaluation criteria 5
Mandatory requirement 5
Proposal guidelines and requirements 6
Scope of work 6


Request for proposal for a research study to understand communication in Colorado Asian communities
Dear Sir/Madam
This is an invitation to submit a proposal for the above referenced research study. Kindly take note of the requirements and guidelines set forth in the RFP and submit a proposal that is in accordance to the same.
Our client company is a political organization in Colorado that is affiliated to the Republican Party. It relies on members to execute its activities. However, the organization has realized that people from the Asian community has less interest in engaging in civic affairs of the State. Their numbers in the organization is quite low despite the large number of Asians in Colorado. This assumed to be due to their lack of interest in political and civic activities resulting from ineffective communications.
The research study seeks to find out the reason for the lack of effective communication among Asian communities, which is believed to be the primary cause of their low degree in civic engagement and lack of participation in political dialogues. We intend to understand why Asians are not interested in civic engagement, elections and other campaigns with the goal of coming up with ways to increase their degree of participation on dialogue and civic engagement.
A pre-proposal ...

... middle of paper ...

...a representative sample for Asian population in other states.
The factors that motivate Asians to participate in civic activities in Colorado will be identified for use to encourage members of the community to be more engaged.
The following is a guideline that you may use to format your proposal.
The font size must be at least 11 and not larger than 14 points. The recommended fonts are Arial and Times new Romans.
The expected total length of the proposal should be between 0 and 35 pages. This is inclusive of the title page, cover letter, references and the appendices (if any).
The title page must include the name of the research study, name and contact of the research consultant, and contact person authorized by the consultancy firm. The cove letter is expected to be signed by the contact person indicated on the cover page.

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