Examining the Existence of Dark Matter in the Universe Essay

Examining the Existence of Dark Matter in the Universe Essay

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“Why is the night sky dark?” For thousands of years this question has been asked. Astronomers are continually growing closer to the answer but still no one has yet found an answer that is efficient enough. While scientists steadily collect data, they are hoping to find some clue as to realize that the answer may be because of something that is too mind blowing for us to comprehend. There is perhaps no current problem of greater importance to astrophysics and cosmology than that of "dark matter". The controversy is centered on the conception that there may exist an enormous amount of matter in the universe that cannot be detected from the light that it emits. The evidence of dark matter is from the motions of astronomical objects, specifically stellar, galactic, and galaxy cluster or supercluster observations.
Observations from the universe around us are looked upon as scientifically as possible. However it is through the electromagnetic spectrum, which is everything from radio waves to gamma waves, which we learn about the objects in our world and beyond. Nonetheless we can also learn about our universe through indirect resources, such as the effect of gravity on light as well as larger objects like our galaxy. In reality, this indirect method of observation has led us to the discovery of extra-solar planets. As it turns out this indirect method has brought into picture the findings of a new and strange substance that may well constitute seventy percent of our universe. In the past we once believed space was nothing more than random stars and planets along with gas floating eternally in a sea of emptiness. Now we have proof that our galaxy and countless others are floating in an ocean of dark matter. At this time though, the char...

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... they are do this at.
Dark matter plays another very essential role in the universe. Back when the Big Bang was only minute’s old, dark matter mysteriously was able to forge early cosmos of hydrogen into helium. So history shows that dark matter effects are real. The focus is now on trying to develop a better understanding of what dark matter is and how it functions. Although it carries massive force, it can not make nuclei and therefore, it has not been documented to interact via nuclear force. Dark matter has been around for 380,000 years in the universe and we will continue to need dark matter in our own galaxy and in galaxies clusters to explain the motions of objects they contain. With that being said, astronomers will continue to work tirelessly to gather up as much knowledge and observations as humanly possible to exploit the true facts about dark matter.

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