Examining the Ethics of Media Coverage of Celebrities

Examining the Ethics of Media Coverage of Celebrities

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How far would you go to get that story or to snap that front page picture? How far is too far? The issue of privacy has taken a new toll, where do you draw the line? The news media (Toronto Star, CTV & CBC) are all networks that I believe still respect that value of privacy with the youth act not addressing there name or picture, or when it comes to getting the story it doesn’t seem that there exploiting people for the benefit of the story, on the other hand a lot of the debate and pressure is coming from the entertainment aspect of the media where a celebrity losses all privacy. My argument is that do we celebrities for the over exploitation on themselves or do we blame the tabloids/paparazzi. Is the way they go about in finding their stories different is there difference between the tabloids (shorten in length and full with pretty pictures
) and news media (an in debit look with blah black and white pictures). It’s not about the story it’s the story of how you got the story.

I must come out and say I’m one of those millions of people that buy those juicy headlines reading “ANGIE AND BRAD DIVORCE “is KATE HAVING AN AFFAIR?”. It’s a guilty pleasure that I’m really starting to double think about what the truth is and what’s there to make money
In then end its non ethical for us to be all involved in ones life. I know we all say its part of there job but when there own private life becomes front page and there whole family secrets brought on to paper for all to read, where do we draw the line when do we say enough is enough I love to know Kates favorite colour , but not when and where she’s having this affair I believe it ruins a family it’s a hard time someone is going through and we all can sit point fingers and laugh, but what happens when the table is turned on to you. You have the privacy to deal with the situation, and that what people need to understand yeah we enjoy the funny made up stories we can all read and laugh about, but serious life changing family situations should be kept private and dealt with within the family. I believe a person shouldn’t be exploited in a during a hard time just to make a dollar, and that’s why I can say I don’t buy any of those magazines anymore, but I do tend to pick them up time to time just to skim read.

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When I read both tabloids and news print media, you can actually read the difference. One is loud in your face full with big words and it’s kind of like there pulling at you to get you angry; and the other is written in such a manner were there not trying to pull at you but trying to get the story across with detailed information and informative feedback. And with the stories I believe news print media has more of an ethnical way of getting the story or picture, where as you hear about the paparazzi for the tabloids jumping in front people, hanging on trees just to peek over someone’s wall proving it’s a dog eat dog world out there. I believe if we as consumers stop buying these tabloids when there exploiting these people during a very upsetting time in there life. They would have to come up with an alternative way of which is more ethical to report the story. Why is it that news media respects someone’s privacy were as tabloids don’t?
My personal opinion to this is look at the market and look at what sells. We are in a media driven world. Everything we do and how we act leads back to the media. Its mass media brainwashing us on what they want you to believe is important; within our generation we are most likely to pick up a Life & Styles magazine over the National Post. It doesn’t matter who’s dyeing in the war, what matter is what dress Cameron Diaz was wearing to the golden gobals. It’s the sad truth it is what it is and if we want to see a change in that; we have to make the change in order from them to make a change.

What is it in us that has turned us into professional peeking toms?

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