Essay about Examining Teaching through a New Lens

Essay about Examining Teaching through a New Lens

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What I Learned about my Topic
I will now break down the information that I found while researching into smaller sections. The purpose of my research was to first be able to establish what defines a student as an ELL student. The second thing that I wanted to learn was statistics about ELL students. The last and most important thing to me was to learn techniques to incorporate into the classroom to assist ELL students.
Defining an ELL student. In order to help future ELL students, I must first understand who they are and where they are coming from. Drucker (2003) states the English Language Learners consist of students who are trying to learn how to read, write, and speak in a language that is different from their own. This creates an interesting challenge for the teacher as there is a new culture for the class to learn from, but there is also a language barrier that presents issues (Drucker, 2003). All ELL students are different. ELL students all have a unique background and place that they call home (Ernst-Slavit, Moore, & Maloney, 2002). These backgrounds include over 400 various languages that a child could potentially speak (Goldenberg, 2008). This means that the ELL students will bring various levels of learning to the classroom depending on what education they have received in the past (Ernst-Slavit et al., 2002).
Despite the students and their differences, they all need to acquire skills to learn English which can be accomplished through learning “academic English” not just “conversational English” (Goldenberg, 2008). Goldenberg (2008) refers to “academic English” as learning more complicated material to assist with learning in the academic setting and not just on the playground. This means that it would be easier for...

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