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Watching the film ‘The Matrix,’ it is natural to question whether the world we live in is real or not. Neo, the hero, comes to know that the world he lives in is not real thanks to Morpheus. In the future world, the computer rules humans, who are, in turn, born to grow in an incubator. Further, human cerebral nerves are connected to a computer networks, which implies men cannot help living in another incubator till death although they cannot recognize they live in the incubator. Plato’s allegory of the cave is analogous to the story line found in ‘The Matrix.’ People live in a cave, looking at their shadows reflected on the cave wall. They never realize they are in a cave. Plato’s allegory of the cave assumes key words leading the story such as chained prisoners, a puppet handler, and a prisoner trying to find a light. These terms are comparable to John Updike’s characters in his novel A&P and guide readers to implications between the lines. Updike’s novel A&P seems to say a theme that love is suck, but with Plato’s allegory applied, another theme hidden in his novel is revealed. Now, those key words of Plato’s and the characters in Updike’s A&P will be compared and analyzed here to delve into what the author implies in his novel.
Plato’s prisoners in the cave correspond to all of those characters in the novel, trying to settle down in reality. Those prisoners in the allegory of the cave stare at the front in a state of immobility, so they keep living looking at their own shadows, which are reflections casted by a torchlight kindled up behind. Besides, they believe the shadows are reality. Without knowing they are imprisoned in a cave, they just live. Once in a while, they see a light coming from outside world, but they are at a...

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...her in a new atmosphere with no restrictions.
Plato’s allegory is applicable to A&P to draw a theme. The story of a foolish boy, who gives up everything for love when he knows his decision will possibly turn out to be a huge blow for the rest of his life, implicates that we should move out to a new world where we can grow further by breaking the frames of old thoughts and values present in the society that rules are embedded in everything Furthermore, like the assertion that those who leave the cave for an ideal world outside and become enlightened should awake those who remain inside the cave from their ignorance and make them to see there is the light outside the cave, I reckon the novel probably suggests that we should break old values and ways of thinking, go out to a new world and lead those who still hide in a dark cave of ignorance as their guiding lights.

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