Examining Queen Gertrude's Innocence in Shakespeare's Play, Hamlet Essay

Examining Queen Gertrude's Innocence in Shakespeare's Play, Hamlet Essay

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Today I will be talking about whether Queen Gertrude knew about King Hamlet’s murder in the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare in 1603. Gertrude is an intriguing and mysterious character portrayed as caring deeply about her son. Although she seems to be a minor character, her contribution to the play is great in the plot. There are many debates about her knowledge of King Hamlet’s murder, due to the lack of evidence. This makes the conclusion of Gertrude’s innocence difficult to draw, even to the characters of the play. Usually, Gertrude is viewed as innocent and unaware of events happening around her.

Due to the lack of proof of Gertrude’s knowledge, the scholars studying Hamlet are not the only ones unable to conclude, but also the characters in the play. During the play’s course, Hamlet begins to come to the sense that Gertrude might know about King Hamlet’s murder. He uses the play The Murder of Gonzago (Act 3, Scene 2) to try to detect Gertrude’s guilt. This produces no reaction from Gertrude that might give any signs of her knowing of King Hamlet’s murder. Upon seei...

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