Examining Business Failure Essay

Examining Business Failure Essay

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Examining Business Failure
Organizational behavior is a key factor in determining how an organization becomes
effective in undertaking its tasks. The behavior should be one that is accepted by both the management and their subjects. This helps avoid the frequent conflicts of interest that are likely to be experienced in the work place. It also helps maintain the code of ethics that might have been set up by the management of the organization. Behavioral principles should therefore be set up and should be those that have bee agreed upon by both them management and their subjects. Some of the benefits that derive from the efficient use of organization behavior within an organization are higher productivity, lower rates of rejected production, and lower level turnover. In other words, functional behavioral units within organizations have the power and capacity to harness the varied systems within the organization into one meaningful and functional whole.
The kind of behavior explained is the one modeled on the High Performance Paradigm (HPP) (Gibson & Konopaske, 2003). Arguably, High Performance Paradigms are designed to provide higher performance levels as compared to the traditional forms of behavior. Other proponents of organizational behavior have argued that the fundamental source of strength of the paradigm is located in its aspect of training. Arguments have also featured that the organizational behavior is generally a transactional terrain that harmonizes the working relationship between the workers, employees and the unions. In this manner the system acts like an arbitration system that guarantees a harmonious relationship between the various parts of the organization to reign in the possibilities of adversarial labor...

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... is due to the fact that the workers are able to understand the level of their effort hence feel self motivated in working towards the success of the company (Kates & Kesler, 2010). Accountability has enabled the workers here to feel that they also own an important part in the organization and are responsible for the achievement of the objectives and goals that are set by the organization. This can be seen as a behavior that lacked among the workers in this corporation.

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