Examination of the Irreversible Environmental Damage of Anthropogenic Origin

Examination of the Irreversible Environmental Damage of Anthropogenic Origin

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Globally, civilizations have practices that have caused irreparable damage to our environment. Irreparable damage to the environment in this paper is defined as a loss of environmental wellbeing due to an anthropogenic cause that cannot be reasonably fixed through human or natural process. Anthropogenic desertification, species extinctions, and persistent organic pollutants are three examples that will be explored in this paper as proof of irreparable environmental damage.

As opposed to naturally occurring deserts, anthropogenic desertification is a human process caused by land use (e.g. agriculture) and land use change (e.g. deforestation), causing a land to adopt desert-like qualities, such as a lack of nutrients and organic matter to support vegetation. Anthropogenic desertification is primarily caused by animal overgrazing, over-cultivation, deforestation, increased soil salinity, and climate change. This process is detrimental and irreparable to the environment for it erodes the soil’s capability to sustain vegetation growth, which in effect limits potential reintroduction ...

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