The Examination Of Macbeth 's Manhood Essay

The Examination Of Macbeth 's Manhood Essay

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The He-Man
(The Examination of Macbeth 's manhood)

According to Oxfords dictionary Manhood is defined as “The state or period of being of being a man rather than a child.” This definition is so broad though, manhood can be related to just about anything; graduating high school, graduating college, getting your first job, getting married, and have you first kid. The possibilities are endless, but when I think of manhood I think of a man, sorry ladies but it is called manhood, that 's one: independent, hardworking, a leader, and a provider. With that being said I going to now talk about a cat called Macbeth, you may of heard of him. He 's that one dude from “The Tragedy of Macbeth” the play written by the most famous poets of all William Shakespeare, this play is so deliciously complicated, we could talk about it till we turn blue in the face, but what I 'm interested in is the questioning and proving of Macbeth 's manhood all throughout this play. So lets dig in shall we.
Remember my definition of what manhood is to me, I said a man should be hardworking, well Macbeth was all this at the beginning of this play. Shortly into the play Macbeth is on the battle field tearing stuff up, and let me tell you he is one bad solider. King Dunncan comes to the battle field and his captain tell him how Macbeth defeated the traitorous Thane of Cawdor, “...... he unseamed him from the nave to th ' chops, and fixed his head upon our battlements” The King responds “O valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman!” In these day your job was to be a warrior, and you worked hard by killing a lot of people, so the King is acknowledging Macbeth 's manhood in his job.
As the play goes on Macbeth decides to murder the very same man whole called him a worthy gentle...

... middle of paper ...

...d in only a short time as king. If Macbeth were here though he might say he was more a man then he ever was before, because he had a dream. His dream was to be the greatest man he could be on this earth, King of Scotland. He could very well make the argument that he busted tail to achieve that, and everything he earn fits into the definition of a man. I said a man should be independent, well Macbeth was independent towards the end of the play he made all decisions himself and carried them out. I also said a man is hardworking, Macbeth did a lot of work in this play, he murdered people, he planned murders all of which are very taxing on a man. A man must also be a leader and a provider, well Macbeth, lead a whole country and provided for his wife, he had more money than Willie Nelson has pot. So really this could be argued both ways, was Macbeth a man? You decide.

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