Essay on The Examination Of Intelligence Tests

Essay on The Examination Of Intelligence Tests

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The Examination of Intelligence Tests
Intelligence is a very complex and controversial topic that has multiple different tests available for measurement. I have taken three different tests that claim to evaluate intelligence. The first intelligence test I took was by the International High IQ Society (International High IQ Society, 2014). This test was timed and consisted of eight questions. Each question provided a picture with eight frames that each contained all different shapes. The goal was to choose the ninth frame that would correctly complete the picture. Basically the objective was to determine the pattern and complete the picture. The second intelligence test I took was on (Autumn Group, 2014). This IQ test evaluated reaction time and was comprised of thirty-eight true or false questions. The questions were over a wide range consisting of math problems, visual problems, and word problems. The last test that I took was a multiple intelligence test (Birmingham Grid for Learning, 2014). Instead of solving problems like in the other two, this test was a survey in which I had to rate how well different statements described me. My numerical IQ scores were very close on the first two tests, but I scored slightly higher on the second. I think this is because the second test had more math and critical thinking problems, which I really enjoy and am good at. The third test, rather than giving me one general IQ score, evaluated me in eight different categories. I scored quite a bit higher in the logical category than the visual/spatial category. I think this could explain why I did better on the intelligence test with a bunch of math and logical problems than I did on the pattern-based test.
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...and what it should be comprised of (Feist & Rosenberg, 2012). This limitation brings about questions regarding the validity and reliability of IQ tests. Several different intelligence tests exist which make it very hard to determine which ones are most valid and should be widely used. Another major problem with IQ tests arises when we begin to over-rely on them. This allows stereotypes to be made, and can create a very big problem in schools and jobs. “Problems arise when people use IQ test results unfairly to deny certain groups access to universities or jobs” (Feist & Rosenberg, 2012). In conclusion, I believe that intelligence tests can be very beneficial for specific uses such as identifying extremities and determining the best learning situation for individuals, but we must not rely on IQ scores to determine how qualified someone is or use it to define people.

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