Exam 2 – Revolutions Reshape the World, 1750-1870 Essay

Exam 2 – Revolutions Reshape the World, 1750-1870 Essay

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Since 1500, the economies of Europe and Asia had been extending their reach overseas. With the establishment of the Atlantic system of trade, these economies exercised their mercantilist desires, America became a cultural mixing bowl, and the spread of knowledge and technology amplified. Because of this ever-increasing global interaction, between 1750 and 1870 momentous changes occurred across the world in agriculture, politics, economics, and technology. Considered one of the greatest technological eras, The Industrial Revolution took place during this period. By 1825, most colonial rule had been repulsed or abandoned, and the empires of the east deteriorated. A string of “revolutions”, political challenges and reforms by the common people, was undertaken by various groups and states in the west. The United States fought the Revolutionary War, emerging victorious, and declaring its independence from Britain. French protest also turned to revolution; the people manifested their frustration with monarchical and ecclesiastic rule and aristocratic abuses, by seeking reform and more aggressive forms of change. Slaves in Saint Domingue sought independence, banding together with free black men and whites frustrated with imperial rule to overthrow the French and create the state of Haiti. The British created an empire in the East, larger and arguably more sustainable than the 13 colonies of America. The African continent saw the rise of the Zulu, the expansion and modernization of the Egyptian empire under Khedive Muhammad Ali, and increased exchanges with Europeans, both positive and negative. As you will see, the interactions and dramatic changes of were direct results of the maritime globalization of the previ...

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...frica. This inexperienced country has evolved since then, and only time will tell if it maintains its respect as a global power.

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