Evolutionary Programming Technique for Voltage Control Essay

Evolutionary Programming Technique for Voltage Control Essay

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The fast growth and development in power system has made the system becoming heavily stressed and more complex from day to days. This is happened due to the several reasons such increased of load in the transmission lines and also the difficulties in constructing new transmission system as well as inconvenience in building up new generating plant near the load centers. These incidents may lead to the power system problems such as voltage instability problem or voltage collapse and loss maximization. Generally, power system is an electrical network that contains several components such as generators, transmission lines, loads, and also voltage controller. Electric utility power system originates in the power plant or generation; it is then transmitted to the loads by the transmission lines [1].
As stated earlier, one of the power system problems is voltage instability or voltage collapse problem. Referring to [2], voltage instability or voltage collapse is dynamic process; It can be defined as the absence of voltage stability, resulted from the decreased of progressive voltage. Voltage magnitudes fall gradually in the early stage of voltage collapse. This condition might be temporary voltage recovery due to the voltage control action; however, the voltages soon drop to a very low level. Voltage instability or voltage collapse has become serious problem in power system and recently, active research subject
attracting investigators from the field of power engineering. A study on voltage collapse mechanism [3] shows that there is an iterative reaction of voltage drop between the system network and dynamic load that can lead to the voltage collapse. This dynamic phenomenon and incident of voltage collaps...

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...o describes the application of ANN to control the automatic on-load tap changer of two parallel transformer connected across the network.
Reference [33] presents the fuzzy technique for voltage control and parallel operation between local gas turbine generation and utility source in industrial plants. References [34-35] also show the application of fuzzy logic for reactive power and voltage control and power flow analysis.
References [36-37] present the Evolutionary Algorithm approach for angle stability improvement and optimal Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) placement by considering loss minimization.
A simple review of the literature and basic information that incorporate with this project has been discussed and presented under this chapter. A review from other researches on optimization techniques are also discussed in this chapter.

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