Evolution versus Creationism in the American School System Essay

Evolution versus Creationism in the American School System Essay

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Evolution versus Creationism in the American School System

“God! God! God!” My ears were ringing from my father’s latest lecture.
He wasn’t very consistent with his church attendance, so I primarily
learned about the ways of Christianity through his own instruction. This
lesson pertained to our creation. He described how God, after his six-day
creation binge, formed the first man, Adam, from dust, and the first woman,
Eve, from Adam’s rib. Early on in my life, my father’s beliefs were my own.
He raised me to be a good Catholic girl and due to a lack of any sort of alternative,
a good Catholic girl I became. The idea was plausible for me at the
time. How else did the Earth and everything it held come into being? Who
taught the leaves to change color in the fall, exhibiting their true beauty only
just before their ugly end? How did the mountains reach so high as to pierce
the sky with their cloud-stained peaks? Who formed my brain and gave me
the ability to reach my mind into the realm of the abstract? God seemed the
obvious answer, but I would still pose the question of “Where did God come
from?” to my father, and as I grew older, I became increasingly dissatisfied
with his answer: “He was always there.” My sixth grade science class brought
enlightenment. The teacher instructed us to open our books to chapter

seven: evolution. I had heard of evolution before, but I had never really
understood it or the threat it posed to my fledgling religious beliefs. To say
that the theory of evolution single-handedly brought an end to my love of
all things holy would be a great exaggeration. It merely gave me an idea
around which the logical half of my mind could wrap itself. In this area, the
teachings of my father ha...

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