The Evolution of Video Editing Programs Essays

The Evolution of Video Editing Programs Essays

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Video Editing Programs are essential for making many types of films. These programs include special effects and many other functions which give films better quality, and help to capture and keep people’s attention. Making and editing films has been a big hobby of mine through out the past few years and I have grown a huge interest in the evolution of certain video editing programs. For the very last project of my MYP I chose to identify the elements of what makes a good music video by looking at video editing programs for my Personal Project. I wanted to learn about the different effects that video editing programs have that make a music video intriguing and enjoyable to watch. The reason why I chose to research this was because of my interest in filmmaking. This was also one of the factors that helped me to choose my question for my Extended Essay. When I came to the point where I had to choose my research question, I started to think back to my Personal Project which led me to my original research question – ‘Has the evolution of video editing programs changed for the better?’ Once...

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