The Evolution Of The Skateboard Essay

The Evolution Of The Skateboard Essay

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The evolution of the skateboard
Hey fellow skaters check this out! The skateboard has evolved in so many ways since its birth in 1959. It has come a long way from homemade scooters constructed from fruit crates and soap boxes, with metal roller skate wheels nailed to the bottom to being massed produced from balsa wood and clay wheels. Anyone and everyone can skate almost anywhere. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro skater. People skate board for many reasons because it’s entertaining, good job source of income if you become pro, and great exercise.
Firstly, let’s talk about the history of the skateboard. The first skateboards came around in 1959, though people way before were laying the foundation for the skateboard without even knowing. People such as Belgian inventor Jean Joseph Merlin who patented a method of “4 wheeled fun” that was actually more like an inline skate (marcus.14)and Frenchman M Petitbled patented a roller skate with 3 wheels in a row. (Marcus. 14). Though the skateboard was popular it had many problems. Some states even thought about outlawing it. In June 1959 the Pasadena skate council requested that the skateboard be outlawed. (Marcus. 35) Why? because of the many injuries due to poor production. Robert Zink, 17, of Pasadena returned home Monday after amputation of his right arm June 26 following a skateboard accident. (Marcus.35) Luckily for us things got a lot better as the years past.
The fall for skateboarding was just as fast as the rise. Skateboarding peaked in 1965. At the time, a lot of kids who 'd led skateboarding through the 1960 suddenly lost interest. They got cars and wanted to go surfing, they got drafted, or went to college. (Marcus. 56). Luckily for the skateboard it started to rise again. ...

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...and or yourself.
The Nollie:
1. The first thing you should do is place your front foot comfortably on the nose of the board and your back foot over the middle then push down on the nose of the board.
2. The second thing you should do is slide your back foottoard the tail to help the board come off the ground
3. The third thing you should do is evel the board when you 've reached maximum height.
(Rosenburg. 37)

Kick flip:
1. The first thing you should do is put your feet in olllie position, but leave your front foot on the edge of your board. Then start an ollie and when in the air push down on the edge with the tip of your front foot.
2. The second thing you should do is let your legs stay above the board, and keep your weight centered
3. The third and last thing you should do is when the board flips back over, catch it wih your feet.
(Rosenburg. 38)

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