The Evolution of the Motorized Bike Essay

The Evolution of the Motorized Bike Essay

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Heart racing and adrenaline pumping, John pushes the throttle on the bike, he goes ten, fifteen, twenty miles per hour and next thing you know, John is gone. The need for speed has always been in high demand. Fast cars, fast boats, and the thrill of having the wind blow in your hair is what evolved a simple bicycle into a heavenly creation. The average speed riding neutral on a course fourteen point three miles on a bicycle is between fifteen and seventeen miles per hour (“The Average Speed Page”). When riding a motorized bike, the average would be that of twenty five to thirty five miles per hour. In America motorized bicycles have gained huge notoriety, although motorized bicycles have been around for over one hundred years. Motorized bikes have evolved over the years now many different types of this bike exist laws, emission standards, the way one may choose to build this bike has changed over the years but all still have the same basic maintenance requirements to keep them running.
Bicycles have been around since the early 1800s but the motorized bicycle was created in mid to late 1800s. The person credited with making the first motorized bicycle is Sylvester Howard Roper who made a steam engine not gasoline powered like today’s modern version of motorized bike (Licino). With new technology motorized bikes not only are limited to being built with engines but they are now built with electric motors. Motorized bikes named has changed over the years since its creation some call them motor assisted bikes, e-bikes and many other names but there are different types of motorized bikes in they all are under the category of a motorized bike.
A motorized bike is a standard bicycle retrofitted with a motor (Belfiore). Most people bel...

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