Essay on Evolution Of The Human Race

Essay on Evolution Of The Human Race

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Humans have been evolving ever since they first appeared on this earth. Evolution occurs over a very long period of time and it is hard for humans to believe that evolution is still taking place. It is difficult to imagine a future world where humans look and behave differently than we do today. We believe that the human race is constant. Although it is true that change in the human race occurred before our years on this earth, we believe that humankind has reached its plateau and has finished its evolution process. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Because evolution occurs over such a long time span, it seems almost impossible for a person to experience and see an evolutionary change first hand while they are living on this planet. This is what makes evolution hard to comprehend. Even though the evolutionary process takes many years, our kind is ever changing and adapting to our environment. This change allows us to be better suited for environmental changes.
As a group, we believe that humans are still evolving, but in response to much different stimuli than before. For natural selection to occur there must be a variation of traits, differential selection, and heritability. We think the key difference between how we are evolving now and were before has to do with the differential selection. Modern medicine has made incredible breakthroughs allowing humans to maintain their health far beyond what was possible before. Because of this there is not much differentiation in regards to survival. Most humans live well into their 70s and beyond. Medicine has basically diminished differential survival because everyone has the potential to live a long life. We have vaccines for diseases and can cure or slow down others. But t...

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...nifier of natural selection, as the most fit humans (economic and political elite) to our current society will be able to enhance their genetic makeup first. This ability could potentially create a break in human evolution, as the genetically advanced are given a chance at a longer, more productive life, while those lacking the technology required to adapt are left behind. I do not think that the human species has stopped evolving. Humankind has been forced into an environment that favors change, and the concept of choice provokes a trend toward our own evolution. Although the human race has remained physically unchanged for millennia, our cutting edge capabilities may one day create a being that is truly physically different from the people of current time. If not, natural selection will continue carry on its magic over time. As long as humankind exists, we evolve.

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Essay on Evolution Of The Human Race

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