The Evolution of the Human Mind on Controversial Substances Essay

The Evolution of the Human Mind on Controversial Substances Essay

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The Evolution of the Human Mind on Controversial Substances
Alcohol has become an acceptable part of society despite its illegality in the nineteen-twenties during the Prohibition. During the Prohibition the distribution, production and transaction of liquor became illegal until the law was lifted in the nineteen-thirties (Thornton). A substance that is very closely related to alcohol is Marijuana. Marijuana has as much of a negative reputation as alcohol because of the way people perceive it. However, researchers have found that marijuana can actually favor the health of consumers as opposed to disadvantaging it like alcohol (Rosenthal and Kubby). Therefore, society must ask itself why is it that we condone the consumption of alcohol with its many damaging effects to the body but frown so terrifyingly at the usage of marijuana, despite the many proven results of mending our health? Also, society must society must legalize the recreational and medical use of marijuana because marijuana will not impair its users motor skills, health issues will not present themselves as frequently as issues brought forth by alcohol, and because the legalization of marijuana will bring a booming economy to our country while lowering crime rates.
For the following three reasons, society must legalize the recreational and medical use of marijuana as they have with liquor. First, the use of cannabis will not impair its users motor skills in the way that alcohol does. Secondly, health issues will not present themselves as frequently as issues brought forth by alcohol. Lastly, the legalization of marijuana will bring a booming economy to our country while lowering crime rates.
The use of cannabis will not impair its users motor skills in the way that...

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...omy will also see its fair share in benefits. Making marijuana legal will sky rocket financial gains by making it a very high taxable organic herb. But most importantly, the legalization of marijuana will help thousands of people battle their illnesses in a safe way. Not to mention, that the toll for alcohol poisoning and deaths will majorly decrease because everyone will be getting happy and healthy with marijuana. Overall, the legalization of marijuana will bring about a new face to our society. One who does not have to be corrupt or rebel against governments and government laws in order to be contempt.

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