The Evolution of the Flute Essay

The Evolution of the Flute Essay

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Throughout history, there have been many instruments that have been played to make musical melodies and beautiful sounds that can bring emotion to someone. One of these instruments that has evolved greatly in history is the flute. In fact, the flute family is one of the largest in the woodwind instrument family. There are countless sizes and shapes of different types of flutes. The flute has formed into its greatly known instrumentation of a beautiful, rich sound that has evolved since the beginning of 1320.
The modern metal flute was invented in the nineteenth century by a young man named Theobald Boehm. “The flute has been around for a very long time, but the first metal flute was made by Theobald Boehm.” ( The nineteenth century marked several additional conversions for the flute. In the year of 1830, Boehm decided to begin his inventing.
“In 1830, Theobald Boehm, a German watchmaker and goldsmith and an amateur flutist, developed the modern flute. The modern flute reverted back to a cylindrical bore and achieved the desired range and acceptable intonation by elongating the end section above the embouchure hole and modifying the sizes and positions of the finger holes. Boehm also designed the Boehm fingering system, which was a most important improvement in the flute.” (
As soon as Boehm invented the finger systems for the flute, this major improvement helped others learn how to handle the flute. The metal flute is the most common in today’s society.
Although the metal flute was invented in the nineteenth century, there are ancient histories of other types of flutes from years and years ago. “The oldest flutes found, are thousands of years old and made of bones. These flutes were us...

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... flute is at the top of it’s peak with having dark and rich sounds.” (Missy Cabiness) The flute has evolved remarkably since the beginning of its existence.

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Missy Cabiness-Flute Mentor

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