The Evolution Of The Fast Food Industry Essay

The Evolution Of The Fast Food Industry Essay

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Outline Template for Persuasive Speech
Name: Natalie Miller Topic: The evolution of the fast-food industry

Thesis Statement: To persuade fellow students in COMM 1313 to avoid fast-food, so that they can avoid unhealthy weight gain, save money, and start supporting local restaurants.
Attention Getter: Between 2007 and 2012, a number of cities have seen at least a 50 percent increase in fast food restaurant outlets (About the Atlas). The types of cities and towns that are seeing the largest increase are areas with an increase in population, poverty or immigrants.
Ethos Statement: I have been researching this topic for a month now.
Relevance Statement: As a college town, Fayetteville is one area that has seen a huge rise in fast food options. Whether on-campus at meal trade or off-campus on MLK, there are over a dozen options for students and others to indulge in.
Preview: (Problem, Solution, Benefits) Today, I will discuss a problem: the mass evolution of the fast food industry. I will outline (the) a solution(s) to this problem, and finally discuss the benefits of the solution(s).
Main Point I: The Problem (or according to Monroe: Need)
Weight gain
“The avg. American eats fast food 159 times a year. The average burger meal (burger, fries, and cola) contains 48 grams of fat. That is 7,000 grams of fat a year, which is enough fat to fill eleven 20 oz soda bottles”(Lenhoff).
Our fast-paced modern American lifestyles are greatly affecting how we, especially as student, view a meal. We are not looking for the most nutrient dense foods to nourish our bodies, we aren’t looking to sit down for a relaxing meal for an hour or two. Today we want something quick between classes, something we can eat in the ca...

... middle of paper ...

...ore college students and hard working adults, we need to see the Fast-food in duty rate decreasing. We need nutrient dense foods, we need fast options for less. We need to choose to make a change, if not for ourselves, for others.
Concluding Statement: I want each of you next time you have family in town, show them all the local restaurants Fayetteville has to offer. Next time you and some friends want to spend a day out choose not to get a 5o cent corndog from sonic. Choose local, choose healthy, and choose today to make that change. Works Cited
About the Atlas. (n.d.). Retrieved November 23, 2016, from
Lenhoff, A. (2013). How Much Fat Do Average Americans Get From Fast Food? Retrieved November 20, 2016, from

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