Evolution of the Camara and Photography Essay

Evolution of the Camara and Photography Essay

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Photography when broken down to its roots, means to write with light, and the manor of how people manage to do this has evolved for centuries. In 2014 most people associate photography with Instagram, Flicker, Shutterfly and smartphones, and photography is viewed as something anyone can participate in. While professional photographers may hate the fact that their profession is becoming less relevant, the ability for nearly anyone to take photographs is a substantial accomplishment in the extensive history of the craft.
In order to fully appreciate the ability to remove zits, change your eye color, and look generally flawless in a selfie, you must witness the evolution of the camera and photography. The idea of capturing an image wasn’t even thought about when Alhazen, an optics specialist of the Middle Ages, invented the first pinhole camera. The camera was used for viewing and drawing until Joseph Niepce made the first sun print. He “placed an engraving onto a metal plate” that would be exposed to light for eight hours then had to be dipped in a solvent to produce a temporary image (Bellis 1). From there a more modern photography called the Daguerreotype was invented allowing a lasting image. People fell in love with images and from 1837 to 1850 over seventy studios where introduced in New York City alone (Bellis 1). The images produced by the Daguerreotype are not the images we see in old family photo albums, those photographs were taken with film.
Kids today think of film as ancient technology and have no idea how it works, but film is a spectacular invention that is still used today! The creation of film is the most important invention in photo history because film has been used for over one hundred years. In 1841 Henry Tal...

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