The Evolution of the Athletic Shoe Essay

The Evolution of the Athletic Shoe Essay

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The foot is one of the most fascinating parts of the human body. The foot alone contains 26 bones, connected by 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles ("Foot Facts: Human Feet Anatomy Information and Problems."). Each one of them performs a special task, each has a unique assignment to perform in order for a person’s utmost benefit of the individual to walk, run, dance, or perform another task that they might have in front of them. This intricate mechanism, which has been refined over years of evolution nearly to perfection in every capacity in which humans move about, is far from indestructible however. There are numerous ailments that befall the human foot including arthritis, bunions, tarsal tunnel, hammertoe, and everyday blisters and bruises, not to mention broken or fractured bones. These plights are often occurring, as one in every six people has a major foot problem, such as those just listed ("Foot Facts: Human Feet Anatomy Information and Problems."). These problems are magnified when one competes at a highly intense level in sports that are almost entirely dependant on the function of the legs and feet. So how does an athlete maintain the health of these precious appendages of the body? To find the answer we go back to 18th century England, where the evolution of the modern-day athletic shoe begins (Kippen, par.1() Shoes have taken different forms throughout history. From sandals used by those in the Middle East and Egypt, to the boots of Canadians and Alaskans, to people in Africa and the Greek Olympians who wore no shoes at all, the variety of foot protection is varied. For the most part, shoes were a basic slab of wood or leather in this era of time. Some would even add moss to the soles and the insi...

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