Evolution Of The American Office Essay

Evolution Of The American Office Essay

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The President has been some one for every child to look up to for what they do for the country. However, the Presidency has evolved into a thing from a nightmare. The Presidency began because of unfair laws on the poorer masses. There were major events such as the British invasion in the South that caused the Presidency to change. Certain Presidents had more to do with the down fall of the presidency then others. The office intern got weaker because of these events and the evolution of the election process. The evolution of the American office in U.S. history has evolved from a prestigious and meaningful duty to one of a controlling figure.

How the office began was when the Articles of Confederation were going to be ratified due to Shay’s Rebellion. Shays Rebellion was an uprising in Massachusetts and was started by American farmers against state and local enforcement of tax collections that were created from the Articles of Confederation. However, when the Convention came together they did not ratify the Articles but instead created the Constitution which not only lined out the rules and goals for the nation but also the man who would lead such a nation and that is the president.

The major events that changed how the office functioned from its humble beginnings to the presidency of Abraham Lincoln was a series of events such as when the British came back to America and invaded the South. When the British came and invaded the South the South was not able to properly protect them selves due to the fear of the “Internal Enemy” killing their families. This stopped the Southern Militiamen from going out and fighting when they had to stay home and protect their families. The president at the time was James Madison and when the So...

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...e of votes so he could become president. This in my opinion is why I think the presidency has gone down hill. Its not about helping the country anymore but helping the people even if what the people want is wrong.

The presidency from the beginning was always going to end up as a corrupt and changed entity then from its simplest beginnings. The Presidency all began because of uprising against the Articles of Confederations and the need to change them. Eventually certain events caused the presidency to change such as the British invasion in the South and others. Not only did event’s change the presidency but certain Presidents had major roles in changing it as well. This all eventually lead to an election process of the most popular man rather then the most knowledgeable. The evolution of the Presidency has started from a humble beginning to a controlling atrocity.

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