The Evolution of the Air Travel in the USA Essay

The Evolution of the Air Travel in the USA Essay

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Following the birth of flights in 1903, air travel has been known to be a crucial means
of transport for people and goods; people have been able to transport goods and products
from one place to the other with ease, hence saving time. However, with a hundred plus years
after the discovery of the first aeroplane, there have been significant uprisings in the way
individuals travel. The airlines commercial has been a major industry which has been relied
up by millions people based on the associated benefits of its services; many have been able to
earn from the business and shaping their way of living. For these and other reasons, it is
important to discuss the evolution of airline travel industry in US mentioning the problems
and benefits associated with it (Vasigh & Fleming, 2013, p. 67).
To begin with, it is important to mention that there were factors that contributed to the
evolution of airlines in US. Among these factors include;
 The demand for air travel services especially in mailing and horticulture
Following the trade unions that linked many parts of the world together, there was a
need to transport goods and services from one place to the other. Some of these products
were perishable such as the horticulture. This meant that a faster means of travel should be
establish to ensure that the good and services reach the destinations while still in good
condition. Therefore, air travel was the only fastest means, hence had to be improved.
 The reduction of fare prices especially when it came to mailings
Following the reduction of fare imposed on passengers and other service associated
with air travel, there was need to make some significant changes that could look into
improving the services o...

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... endeavours that included air
crash. Later, air routes were established and civil aeronautics board came up with rules that
could look into regulating some issues pertaining air travel. Among these was establishing a
constant fare cost that could not be expensive to passengers and cheap to airline carriers
(Vasigh & Fleming, 2013, p. 83).

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