The Evolution of Technology in Our Schools Essay

The Evolution of Technology in Our Schools Essay

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The Evolution of Technology in Our Schools
Before the age of the internet, smart phones, and computers, students relied on their school and local library to gather information for research projects. Prior to 1994, communication by phone was done by voice and dialing digits (Noeth, 2004). The inception of text messaging digitized our way of sending short quick messages to one another without the formality of hello and goodbye. With the advancement of computers and technology overall, the medium in which educators would present learning material has evolved to the point of having any fact or subject within seconds of an internet search. It is well document that the use of technology will increase students’ academic level and engagement to produce better outcomes (Perrotta, 2013). Furthermore, schools have traditionally been slow to adapt to the new technologies being introduced to the corporate world, and is imperative that they keep up with this pace in order to prepare today’s student for tomorrow’s advancement’s.
Educators Perceptions of Digital Technology
In our schools today, the technology gap between the new teachers that just graduated from college to the thirty year veteran presents a broad spectrum of experience with the use of computers and digital media. The younger generation has been raised on technological advancement of having a computer within reach on the first day of school to the educator who learned to integrate the digital age into their lesson plan (Dodds, 2013). Statistically, in 1984, 1 in 125 students had access to a computer at school compared to today virtually every learner has one in a class room, home, or local library (Russell, 2000). In regards to the most popular social media websites l...

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