Evolution Of Technology And Technology Essay

Evolution Of Technology And Technology Essay

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Evolution of Technology
Technology is one of the groundbreaking inventions humans have come up with. Technology nowadays is so broad there are thousands upon thousands of companies out there with their only intention is to make better technology. Back when it first came out they thought it was going to evolve extremely fast and flying cars would be out in 30 years and such. It’s not evolving at an extraordinary rate, but it’s still evolving at an extremely fast rate.
Technology has gone from colorless block televisions and giant computer to computers you could fit on your fingertip and televisions that are flat and 3 Dimensional. Now they even are making holograms and televisions that go into an even better quality of graphics. There are thousands of companies working on different technology nowadays and even those working on technology for the future. Several companies are making robots that can recognize people and follow them and do a bunch of different cool things with them. Eventually in the near future (40+ years) there will maybe be a humanoid robot that can do household tasks for you. Basically like a I-robot type scenario where robots clean up after everyone and everyone is happy, but it can also go terminator style and destroy the world. The things that can happen from technology is almost endless. Technology over time may lead to catastrophic events or world peace; no one knows that’s why we are still going deeper and deeper and humans are becoming useless without computers and artificial intelligence to assist in their life.
So then the real question appears, is technology doing too much harm? Humans used to be able to kill mammoths and a lot of stuff we think is just crazy now a days. There’s always the risk of evol...

... middle of paper ...

...h we become weaker as a species and stronger as doctors. So every solution we come up with will always have a downside but there will probably be something else in the future to counter that downside which creates another downside… etc. We will have to constantly evolve to keep up if we even stop evolving a little we will start degenerating as a species. Thankfully people like evolving technology so we probably won’t have to worry about that. Humanity is faced with a endless loop of challenges it has to face and once it finishes the one it 's on it creates another and so on. So we will just keep constantly evolving until we are extinct. Humans possibilities are endless and though maybe none of these may not be right I should have at least got something right in there. These has been my insight on what I think about the future and evolution of technology and humanity.

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