The Evolution Of Tattoos Essay

The Evolution Of Tattoos Essay

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The Evolution of Tattoos
They’re what you see on your friends, family and people walking on the streets. This growing debate on tattoos brings me to the point of the evolution of tattoos. Tattoos were once believed to be a risky trend and are now becoming more of the norm. As we know it tattoos are not as unusual as they once were. There are many different reasons behind why people get tattoos, for example personal losses, symbolism, or just the concept of it being art. Most believe tattooing is just another medium of art and it should be respected along with the tattoo artist who give them. A lot of people differ in opinion behind what, where, and how people should get their tattoos. A strong topic to think about is what to get as a tattoo in the first place. Then there is the topic of where to get a tattoo so it will not put an individual’s professional image down the drain. Finally, the last important basic topic to think about is how you are going to get a tattoo. There are two reasons to ask this question and one is the sterilization of the needle. The second one is the age limit of the person who is getting the tattoo. If one is too young then it defeats the concept of getting a tattoo in the first place because of the committed decision one has to make before getting a tattoo.
Many wonder where tattoos came from, what are their origins? The basics behind tattoing are ink, tattoo machine, and an artistic mind to put it all together. As we know it today, tattoo guns are the concrete mediums used to give a tattoo. But in the past tattoos weren’t always given by an electronic machine, thousands of years ago the methods are unknown to how we find mummies today with tattoos. Tattoos were not only a big fad during moder...

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