Evolution of Robert Kelley’s Followership Theory Essay

Evolution of Robert Kelley’s Followership Theory Essay

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Order in the society is established and sustained through effective group communication. The most essential being group communication since societies always have a leader-follower dimension within different contexts. Understanding this dimension is key to unlocking cohesive coexistence in societies. Initially, research responded to the need for this understanding by focusing discourses on how people become effective leaders. Confucius, Plato, Lao Zi and Aristotle all discussed the making of a leader. However, recent evolutions in thinking and perception of societies have prompted scholars to focus on strategies and attitudes associated with followers of leaders (Kelley, 1992). Such studies are not only essential in aiding followers in their development, but also in facilitating effective group communication. There can be no leaders without followers; hence, leadership is in a constant dialectic with followership. Among the most significant contributors to the flip side is Robert E. Kelley in his theory of followership.
This paper will carry out exploration of Kelley’s followership theory inlcud9g its description, rationale for exploring the theory as pertains to practical import, theoretical import and intrinsic interest. Literature that support and challenge the theory will also be explored as well as critiques of the theory. The critiques will be explored as well, highlighting evidence supporting or disapproving them.
The origin of the followership theory by Kelley can be traced to religion. He reflected on how the followers of Jesus Christ changed the world and thus thought of the fundamental issues that make followership effective. The theory of followership was first published in the Harvard Business Review ...

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...oes not speak to their different cognitive styles since there are numerous factors that determine what an individual decides other than their disposition. For instance, a worker may decide that they will not speak up, not because they are sheep, but because they do not see the immediate priority as being speaking up.

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