The Evolution Of Race Relations Essay

The Evolution Of Race Relations Essay

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The Evolution of Race Relations
The evolution of race relations has changed throughout history thus far. The idea that it is getting better is not true. Racial prejudice is an immense problem in the everyday-world. Although it is said to not be true, individuals are judged by their ethnicity each and everyday. As unfair as that is, it is still a driving problem in race relations today. The idea that the world can be perfect and the world can be peaceful is not practical. No matter what, there will always be racial disputes in the world. Emmett Till Murder Trial and The Scottsboro Boys Trials are two obvious reasons for this. In the United States of America the most common forms of racism is ordinarily between the whites and blacks not getting along. Most recently it is with whites killing blacks, although that is not always the case. Throughout the world, there is a vast amount of racism depending on the country and where it is at in the world. It would be nearly impossible to find a peaceful country without disputes. The evolution of race relations has not gotten any better, but also has not gotten any worse. They have stayed a consistent bad. It is possible for them to constantly get better but it takes everybody not just a few people. Some like the way the world is and do not want it to change, those are the people that are holding the rest down on making the world a better place. No matter what happens in the world, racial disputes are an everlasting problem that will never go away.
The first immoral racial trial took place in the 1930s in the book To Kill a Mockingbird. This case is clearly fiction but it shows what was likely to happen in the time period of which it took place. Tom Robinson was charged with raping Mayella...

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...different backgrounds and views. No matter what the situation everybody always believes they are getting treated wrongly. The evolution of race relations have changed from certain ethnic groups getting treated wrongly, to every ethnic group at some point getting treated wrongly. There is no way of fixing this problem. Many believe that peace can be achieved, but that is just not probable. If everybody worked together to make a change it is possible, but that is the problem. It is not easy to get everybody on the same page because they are too stubborn and like how the world is. This slows the racial evolution down because the only way to make the change is to get everybody on board. A lot of convincing will have to take place for this, which is why it is not probable. This is why the racial evolution of old, will stay the same way it has throughout history thus far.

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