Essay on The Evolution Of Organ Transplantation

Essay on The Evolution Of Organ Transplantation

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Organ Transplantation
Since the 18th century, scientists have been researching and discovering new developments that deal with the process of obtaining organs and tissues and transplanting them to other organisms that are in need of new ones. In the early days, around the time when Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, not much was understood about the entire process causing people to come up with their own theories and solutions. As more trials were completed, success came to the table around the mid-20th century, when scientists were performing the first successful organ transplants ("Learn About The History Of Transplant - OPTN"). Along with this achievement, the idea spread in many different ways, branching off into new categories as time passed by. More problems, solutions, and considerations arose, adding a whole new meaning to the process. The steps included in the procedure can be broken down into a few categories that include special processes of obtainment, considerations and issues from many different angles, and risk factors involved in the progression. Just like most topics of discussion, no matter what way this topic is thoroughly observed, there are always going to be pros and cons established that can easily be argued against one another.
When someone is need of an organ or tissue replacement, time can be a very crucial factor in determining whether the person will survive or not be lucky enough to do so. On average, 22 people die every day from the lack of available organs for transplant ("Facts And Myths - American Transplant Foundation"). In order for a patient to receive the proper care, the needed, living tissue or organ must be obtained and kept “alive” by one of the few ways possible. The most common way is be...

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... into a variety of subjects and paths that many study or discuss. Some processes that exist for organ obtainment include the donor list, xenotransplantation, and the black market. A plethora of considerations and issues can be revealed from many different angles. There are common risk factors that exist on both the receiving and giving end of the deal in a variety of situations. Putting all opinions aside, so much influential work has been put into this area of advancement for a very long period of time. From the first theories developed, to what operation procedures we perform today, organ transplantation has been a huge scientific and technological advancement for mankind. Without this expansion of knowledge, the world as we know it would be missing a very large portion of its people and better yet, the great minds that belong to each and every individual missing.

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