Essay on The Evolution of Nutrition

Essay on The Evolution of Nutrition

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Evolution of Nutrition
Human understanding of nutrition has evolved exponentially over the course of the last century. Up until the turn of the 20th century, there was little interest in researching nutrition. Almost all of the nutritional knowledge of the time came from the philosophies and opinions from immigrants. America had minimal knowledge while other countries had began to invest in nutritional research. Part of the reason this subject began to grow at the time was because of the fear of falling behind other nations. Additionally, the lifestyle of the average citizen was different. The majority of America was rural farmland so they were physically active. The general consensus of the people was that a good diet resulted in good mental and physical health. It was around this time jobs such as nutritionists and personal trainers began to appear. The times were changing and nutrition impacted all aspects of life. The evolution of nutrition throughout the 20th century affected the works of the writers during the time.
Nutrition was viewed as unimportant and not a necessary field of study. When this view began to change and the field of nutrition began to grow, a new career opportunity being a nutritionist appeared. Scientists began to study the importance and effects of the foods they have been eating for hundreds of years. One of the most common ideologies was that fresh fruits and the consumption of greens was not worthwhile. Many viewed these foods beneficial, however inferior to meat products such as chicken or steak. The problem was meat products were much more expensive so less people could afford to eat them on a regular basis. Additionally, fruits and vegetables were relatively cheap considering the abundance of far...

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...s life. Lastly, the internet revolutionized the world such a manner that scholarly articles, videos and other posts containing information could be accessed immediately. The internet has allowed millions of writers to thrive and billions of people to read their works. Changes in nutrition over the last century have revolutionized lifestyles allowing writers to have an infinite amount of possible topics and methods of discussion.

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