Evolution Of Law Enforcement And Community Interactions Essay

Evolution Of Law Enforcement And Community Interactions Essay

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Evolution of law enforcement & community interactions

Have u ever thought about how law enforcement has come to just a click of a button and there at your front door for assistants? Or riding through town and there patrolling the streets waiting for something to happen? The start of Americas first known system of law enforcement was established in Boston. In April 1631, the townspeople formed the "watch" guys that patrolled at night, walking around. They typically reported fires, maintained order in the streets, raised the "hue and cry". This early policing system was modeled after the English structure which incorporated the watch, constables, and sheriffs in a community based organization (Johnson). That being stated Law enforcement has changed over the years while improving community interactions.

As word spread about the "watch" in Boston other colonies began establishing their own watch. New York started the "rattle watch" before whistles law enforcement used wooden rattles and their distinct noise to signal for help. As more people settled, more shops and businesses were built which meant more work for the watch, police work became increasingly time consuming and difficult, few men volunteered for the watch many evaded there

mandatory duties. Issuing fines to those who didn’t show up only punished the poor, those who were most unable to pay. Some towns and cities then instituted a paid watch (Johnson).

A more centralized police force system implemented first by England in 1829, a stronger, more developed design to deter crime from happening, rather than to react once it had occurred. In 1833 Philadelphia organized a 24 hour police force, and in 1838 Boston established their own police force(Johnson), With a day and night...

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...ing went in to take place between local law enforcement and the community. They brought out questions of what the police administrators are doing to ensure police violence and prejudice doesn’t happen. Community leaders also asked the community what they were doing to ensure them they were obeying the law. Hoping to build a safer community with respect between each other. Police must be trained in understanding the community and residents have responsibilities to respect the officer and do as they are told. Community question brought up to see what could be done to help the community and police understand one another.

All that being stated up above in my paper and work cited article is that law enforcement has changed over the years improving community interactions. These improvements have come from the peoples input and patrolling and watching the people’s actions.

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