The Evolution Of Human Genetic Variation Essay

The Evolution Of Human Genetic Variation Essay

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Topic 2
Human genetic variation is the genetic differences both within and among the population. There are many causes of this human variation which are as follows:
Mutation is the sudden change in the genetic composition of the DNA. This change, changes the structure of the DNA and the base pairs, the change is very random because of different environmental factors. We have ‘single mutation’ which causes the DNA to change but does not change the amino acid but it changes the DNA codes for. These proteins are capable of changing the amino acids sequence of the protein, but not the function.
Gene flow/ Migration is any movement of individuals and/ the genetic material they carry, from one population to the other. Gene flow has a lot of events happening such as pollen being blown to a new destination or people moving from one city or country to another. If gone versions are carried to a foreign population whose gene versions previously did not exist, gene flow can be an important factor causing genetic variation in humans.
Sex which is sexual activity taking place between a male and females’ private parts, it can introduce a new gene combination into the population and therefore it is also an important factor causing genetic variation in humans. The experience or observations that siblings are not genetically identical to their parents or to each other (except identical twins). This is caused by the reproduction of organisms sexually, where some genetic shuffling occurs, bringing together new combinations of genes, this may be observed by having bushy eyebrows and a pointy nose since your mother had genes associated with pointy nose and your father had genes associated with bushy eye brows. Therefore these combinations can be good, ...

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...m time to time. We are very unique because our minds are able to process things like language, foresight, mind-reading, intelligence, culture and morality. What makes us human is that we are bipedal showing a slow locomotion which makes us vulnerable to predators. It is hard to overcome gravity to supply blood to the brain, greater stress on hips, back, knees and feet, especially for females. Rob Brooks stated that that our open-ended ability to image and reflect on different situations, and our deep-seated drive to link our scenario-building minds together is what makes us who we are, human. I believe that every aspect of the human kind that is unique from other living organisms is what makes us who we are.
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