Evolution of Digital Photography Essay

Evolution of Digital Photography Essay

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Photography is an incredibly popular form of technology. The technology behind photography has changed drastically since it was first introduced to the world. Cameras were giant, clunky, and highly technical pieces of machinery at their debut; however, now cameras are so small and easily used, people of all ages all over the world can use one. Cameras have always used the idea of capturing light. When photography first started to become a popular activity cameras displayed images on photosensitive paper, or film, which would then be developed using chemicals to reveal an image. However, that all changed with the introduction of digital cameras: cameras that could almost immediately display an image that had been captured on a sensor onto a screen. Yet, it appears that cameras are still evolving currently; the quality of photos keeps rising. However, image quality can only evolve so far if the structure of digital cameras does not also evolve. It may seem surprising, but the current structure of cameras is inhibiting the improvement of certain aspects of cameras. Specifically, the evolution of camera resolution, a key aspect of cameras, is being inhibited by current camera design. Camera resolution has a direct effect on photographic image quality. To understand exactly how the evolution of camera resolution is being limited it is necessary to answer questions such as: What is a camera, what makes up a camera, how have cameras evolved, and how can cameras still evolve? To help answer these questions, it is necessary to look to topics involving camera development such as its history, its present applications, and even its future. Professionals from a wide range of academic fields such as engineering, economy, and photography are ne...

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