Evolution of Darwin and Christianity Essay

Evolution of Darwin and Christianity Essay

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Evolution of Darwin and christianity

Since time immemorial man has always questioned the origins of life and himself . The answer to that question as there are three alternatives , namely the creation , transformation , or evolutionary biology .

The definition of biological evolution varies from studied biological aspects . Some definitions are common in biology books , among others : the evolution of living things is the changes experienced by living beings slowly over a long time and lowered , so that over time can form new species : evolution is the change in frequency genes in populations over time ; and adaptive evolution is the change in the character of the population from time to time . Evolution has been uniting all branches of the biological sciences .

Idea of the biological evolution of humans has long been thought . However , among the various theories of evolution ever proposed , it appears that Darwin's theory of evolution by most theories . Darwin ( 1858 ) proposed two basic theories that species alive today are descended from species that lived before , and evolution occurs through natural selection . The development of the theory of evolution is very interesting to follow . Darwin argued that based on the pattern of gradual evolution , based on the direction of adaptation to the diverging nature and based on the results themselves are always initiated the formation of a new variant .

In the development of Darwin's theory of evolution was challenged ( especially from religious groups , and which adopts the theory of creation - Universal Creation ) , support and enrichment - enrichment . So , the theory itself also evolved so that the theory of biological evolution we now know with the label " Neo -Darwinian " a...

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