The Evolution Of Communication At Thanksgiving Or Christmas Essay

The Evolution Of Communication At Thanksgiving Or Christmas Essay

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The Evolution of Communication
Have you ever been in a silent room with no conversations and all you can hear are vibrating phones? To example, at Thanksgiving or Christmas, do you have a person in the family that always happens to be on their phone and barely talks to the rest of the family? In today’s society, people tend to text each other rather than have a conversation. However, thirty years ago if you were compelled to give a message or talk to someone, you would call or go visit them. Everyone needs to realize their worth in the world and technology isn’t helping them. So many of us are missing out on numerous different opportunities due to the lack of personal conversations. Significantly, there is more to life than our cell phones. Today, a simple text seems to do the trick, however, has this gratified our communication skills and how would we react without being able to use our cell phones? It is obvious that people need to disengage their phone dependency by holding themselves accountable for the excessive usage.
There are a lot of variables on why people prefer to text instead of talking face-to-face or even verbally over the phone. Certain people are shy and tend to prefer texting for the reason that they aren’t comfortable with conversing in conversation with people who are not within their close group of friends or family (Nancy O’Neil). Specific situations that are acceptable to text a person instead of talking is: maybe they won’t answer your calls, it is easier to multitask, and people cannot eavesdrop on your conversation. The biggest advantage of texting is because it is extremely quick and you can get your message out to a large group of people without the inconvenience of making tons of phone calls (Nancy...

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...e right then and there. Positive mindset is the key to life and you can achieve several things with it, therefore practice that mindset to stay off the phone.
Your life shouldn’t be based on a cell phone you should be out making memories with people and having fun. Family is a huge portion of your life and you need to spend as much time as possible with them since you never know when one of them is going to be gone. Meanwhile, thinking about how many opportunities you are missing out on should make you want to put away the technology for a little bit. Just think about this for a minute, when you’re hanging out with your friends what do you usually do? Sit on your phones and don’t even say two words to each other. Is that right? That fact right there should appoint you to converse your ways. Live your life to the fullest and don’t let cell phones take over your life.

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