Evolution Of American Travel- A Brief History Essay

Evolution Of American Travel- A Brief History Essay

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Evolution of American Travel- A Brief History
People travel to various destinations for different reasons, but the ultimate goal of most travelers, is to explore the sites of interests that they may not have seen before. Although almost everyone travels on a daily basis to go to their offices, businesses, work, or school, the trends indicate that traveling for pleasure has become a common hobby (Pooley). Traveling has evolved in many aspects, including the reasons for traveling and efficiency with which people can travel from one location to another. In this paper, the meaning of traveling to different people, changes in traveling for Americans over the years, and the way traveling for leisure came about will be discussed.
For Americans in the 1800’s, the only functional way to travel long distances was upon the nation’s open streams and rivers. As a result, most settlements or cities were established relatively close to either the nation’s coasts or rivers. The roadways that connected major cities were few, and traveling by these roads was both difficult and time consuming. For example, it would take one entire day for travelers in 1800 New York, to reach the cities outer limits. On average, it would take approximately two weeks to reach Georgia, and five weeks to reach Illinois (Richard).
Traveling means different things to different people. For example, there is a group of travelers that is comprised of people who lead a nomadic lifestyle. These people enjoy diversity and they are likely to consider traveling as a way of life (Dunn). Another category of travelers is a group of people who work away from their relatives. This group of people often travels upcountry, not just to meet their relatives, but also to e1t...

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...chnology has increased the ease and efficiency for which people can travel. With the new age of technology and the new found ease of all people being able to access travel destinations and information from their smart phones and apps, it’s no surprise that leisure travel continues to be popular. When looking at the latest 2011 statistics from the United States Department of Transportation, the number of Americans that travel, continues to increase. I found the latest numbers to be astounding. The numbers do not include rural, local or state roadways, just the approximately 165,000 miles of the National Highway System. Americans traveled over 3 trillion vehicle miles in the year 2009 in approximately 246 registered vehicles. Broken down further, this translates to 392 billion trips made, by 210 million licensed drivers (United States Department of Transportation).

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