The Evolution of Advertising and its Impact in the Modern Day Essay

The Evolution of Advertising and its Impact in the Modern Day Essay

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Advertising has been an essential facet of marketing for as long as human civilization and interaction occurring between 90,000 BCE – 60,000 BCE. It is human nature to advertise oneself or to expose certain aspects of one's life that create an image of how that person would prefer to be perceived by their community and peers. Advertising generally involves the promotion – and many times an exaggeration – of the positive aspects along with the cloaking of negative attributes related to the particular item in question.
The first form of advertising to arise in human society was propaganda, otherwise known as intentionally skewed or misleading advertisements to fit an agenda or dogma that rulers used to promote their image. Rulers, whether it be the ruler of a small tribe in an isolated forest in Papua New Guinea or the emperor of the Roman Empire, generally promoted a self image of generosity, fairness, kindness; while simultaneously being stern, powerful and uncompromising. However, a public figure's true image and public image are almost never one in the same. This is a result of an attempt to gain public acceptance. The medium by which this advertising propagated during this period was almost ubiquitously by word of mouth. Before the printing press was invented, dissemination of information was especially slow and susceptible to the spread of misinformation. This phenomena can be witnessed when watching the childhood game of telephone. When the game is played correctly with enough people, the message becomes entirely different than when it started – either from incorrectly hearing or misinterpreting the person before you. On a societal scale, this could be detrimental to an authoritarian's image and thus jeopardizing his posi...

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